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    The Uncanny Toolkit Pro for LearnDash adds the following features to your LearnDash site:

    • Autocomplete Lessons & Topics: Automatically mark all or some lessons and topics as completed when a user views them. Remove Mark Complete buttons for easy navigation.
    • Autocomplete Lessons & Topics when Quiz is Graded: Automatically mark lessons and topics as completed when an associated quiz is manually graded, saving learners from returning to the course to mark them complete.
    • Autocomplete Lessons & Topics on Gravity Forms Submission: Mark a lesson or topic as completed automatically when a user submits a form inside a lesson or topic. Great for mandatory feedback forms.
    • Autocomplete Lessons & Topics on Quiz Results Page: Mark lessons and topics as complete when a quiz is graded so that learners aren’t stranded when they forget to click a button on the Quiz Results page.
    • Autocomplete Lessons & Topics on WPForms Submission: Mark a lesson or topic as completed automatically when a user submits a form inside a lesson or topic. Great for mandatory feedback forms.
    • Certificate Preview: Test certificates without leaving the quiz edit page. Saves time by no longer having to create test courses and quizzes to get certificate layout right.
    • Course Dashboard: Display a list of courses, lessons and topics for users with intuitive controls for starting a course, resuming a course, and accessing earned certificates.
    • Days Until Course Expiry: Display the number of days until the learner’s access to the current course expires. This is invaluable on sites that expire access at the course level.
    • Drip Lessons by Group: Unlock access to LearnDash lessons at the group level instead of setting behaviours for all LearnDash users.
    • Duplicate Pages & Posts: Clone pages, posts, LearnDash courses, lessons, topics, quizzes and more.
    • Email Course Certificates: Send a PDF copy of certificates earned from course completions to admins, Group Leaders and students.
    • Email Group Certificates: Send a PDF copy of LearnDash certificates linked to the completion of all courses in a group to admins, Group Leaders and students.
    • Email Quiz Certificates: Send PDF certificates following quiz completions to admins, Group Leaders and students.
    • Enhanced Course Grid: Display a grid of LearnDash courses with unparalleled flexibility, including course resume buttons and which courses to show.
    • Enhanced LearnDash CSV Reports: Add over a dozen extra columns to your LearnDash course report, including up to 3 custom usermeta values.
    • Enhanced Lessons/Topics Grid: Show lessons and topics within a LearnDash course using a grid, with or without using featured images.
    • Group Expiration: Remove course access for everyone in a LearnDash Group on a specific calendar day and notify users of the expiration by email.
    • Group Forums with bbPress: Allow students in LearnDash groups access to exclusive bbPress discussion forums that are restricted to specific groups.
    • Group Login Redirect: Redirect members of a group to a specific page on login with support for prioritizing redirects when users are in multiple groups.
    • Group Logo/List: Rebrand front end pages or show pertinent organization information to members of a group.
    • Group Registration :Create unique registration pages for each group that allow anyone to register from that URL and be added to the group automatically.
    • Import Users: Bar none, the best way to import users to WordPress in bulk while granting course and group access. It includes custom emails and error checking before upload.
    • Lazy Loading Course Navigation: For enterprise users with lots of course content, swapping out the standard Course Navigation widget for this shortcode can improve performance for learners up to 25%.
    • Learner Transcript: Create branded and printable transcripts for learners that summarize course completions and quiz performance.
    • Lesson/Topic/Quiz Table Colors (Legacy): Users of the Legacy LearnDash theme (or pre-3.0 users) can change styling in default LearnDash tables.
    • Reset Progress Button: Make it easy for learners to reset their progress in a course by clicking a button. Great for course users need to retake.
    • Restrict Page Access: Restrict any editable page to users with a specific role, that have access to a specific course or that are in a LearnDash group.
    • Sample Lesson Label: Add a visual label to lesson lists to clearly identify to users which lessons are samples.
    • Simple Course Timer: Track how long users spend in a LearnDash course, and stop the timer with custom messaging when users are inactive.
    • Single Page Courses: Create microlearning courses that have no associated lessons; this moves the Mark Complete button up to the course level.
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