Uncanny Toolkit and Toolkit Pro for LearnDash Interactive Plugin Demo

Use this fully interactive demo site to try out all functions of the Uncanny Toolkit and Toolkit Pro for LearnDash plugins before you install them on your own!

View the list of modules

The Uncanny Toolkit plugins consist of modules that may be enabled or disabled depending on the specific needs of your site.

Filter the modules by Free/Pro using the dropdowns at the top of the list.

Walk through the interactive course to view the modules in action

We’ve created two courses that showcase many of the toolkit modules in action.

This demo site is fully functional, so if you’d like to try the features or functions of any of the modules, feel free to set up your own courses, lessons and topics.  As this site is public, please do not upload any confidential material.  Content is erased every 4 hours.

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Uncanny Toolkit for LearnDash
Recommended by LearnDash and essential for all LearnDash sites!
Get this plugin!
Uncanny Toolkit Pro for LearnDash
30 powerful modules for LearnDash professionals. Our most popular plugin!

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