Uncanny Continuing Education Credits Interactive Plugin Demo

On this site, you’ll be able to try out all functions of the Uncanny Continuing Education Credits plugin, as both an administrator and a user.

See the powerful credit reports for administrators

Admin reports included with the Uncanny Continuing Education Credits plugin enable you to query course completion and credit data by user, date range and LearnDash Group. The exportable report includes records for learner name, email address, course name, completion dates, credits earned for the course and total credits earned.

To make monitoring progress against required credits easier for administrators, the Uncanny Continuing Education Credits plugin includes a Deficiency Report. In it, you can search by user, group or against all users to list who hasn’t yet completed their training requirements.

Note that users who have completed their required credits (or have no required credits) will not be listed. Anyone in this report has a gap between earned and required credits.

See the front-end credit validation interface

For professional certifications, Uncanny Continuing Education Credits plugin offers an interface that enables a certifying authority to validate continuing education credits directly on your site by entering a user’s name.

View the plugin settings

The Uncanny Continuing Education Credits plugin enables you to customize your nomenclature (e.g. CEUs, credits, hours, etc.), set a global annual credit rollover date, and customize reminder and certificate emails.

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Uncanny Continuing Education Credits
Track, report on and award certificates based on course credits.

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