LearnDash Group Branding

Many LearnDash sites sell to organizations rather than individual users, and in these cases it can often help to make client branding visible to end users. Instead of a multisite solution for rebranding to individual clients, this module makes it easy to show both organization logos (based on the signed-in user) and organization names in the front end.

A shortcode can be used to display the logo belonging to the group, as well as the group name.  Assuming “Uncanny Owl” is the name of the group, below is an example of how this module could be used to display a custom welcome message to a user after logging in (if you’re currently logged in, your first name will appear in the message below):

Hi (user’s first name),
Welcome to your training portal!  At Uncanny Owl, we believe that learning comes first.

Visit the knowledge base for full details on the LearnDash Group Branding module.

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