In LearnDash, when an admin manually grades a learner’s quiz, the associated lesson or topic is not automatically marked complete.  After the quiz is graded, the learner must return to the lesson and click the Mark Complete button to complete the lesson or topic.

The Autocomplete Lessons & Topics when Quiz is Graded module automatically marks the associated lesson or topic complete as soon as an admin grades the associated quiz, with no further learner action required.

Visit the Autocomplete Lessons & Topics on Gravity when Quiz is Graded knowledge base article for full details.


Note: You must be logged in for this demo to function correctly.

Complete the quiz below, then go to the Submitted Essays tab in the admin panel and grade the quiz.  (You’ll need to be logged in as an admin, not as a learner to complete that step.)  When you return to this lesson, you’ll see that it has been automatically marked complete.

Lesson Content

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